the mission

Our mission is to bring good into your home AND your community. We provide a flexible way to connect and contribute to local community needs through our high-quality products. We engage people and their communities by making a donation for each product sold to local non-profits addressing community needs.

taking our mission

step by step

step one

create a platform to raise awareness for local and national community needs

step two

make it easy for people to give back to a community in need with a gorgeous and high quality product

step three

donate to a local non-profit for every item purchased!

step four

allow non-profits the flexibility to serve anyone in need

step five

build a community of people who love to give back and host volunteer days at local-non profits

starting local

We're starting local in Plano, Texas with Minnie's Food Pantry. Minnie's is a non-government-funded food pantry focused on helping people become more food secure. We have already donated enough to cover 15,000 meals and we're just getting started!

what to know about

food insecurity

20% of Texas Children Experience Hunger

1 in 5 Texas Children experience hunger and this can lead to ongoing health problems for the rest of their lives.

Food prices are at the highest in decades

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture projects all food prices to increase. While inflation is driving the rise in demand from food pantries, it is also causing fewer donations

1 in 6 Latinx households in the United States struggles with hunger

Latinx communities in Texas face hunger at a higher rate. More than 18% of Latinx children are at risk of hunger

Texas has one of the highest hunger rates in the Nation

3.6 Million Texans rely on SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) and the average SNAP benefit in TX is $1.97 per meal

Local food pantries have struggled to keep up with demand since 2020 after 20 million jobs were lost

The rising cost of food since the pandemic has made it harder for both low income families and food pantries alike to keep people fed

1.8 million Texas children live in households where access to food is limited

Over 4 million Texans experience food insecurity, or a difficulty meeting basic food need